Importing assets

Install the Cuboid Unity Plugin

Get the Cuboid Unity Plugin at:

Download the latest .unitypackage file. Once it's downloaded, drag it into the Project window in your Unity project or a new empty Unity project.

Basic Usage

  1. In the Project window, right click and select Cuboid > Create Asset Collection and name it to your liking.

  2. Then, in the Top Menu Bar, go to Cuboid > Asset Collections.

  3. Select the newly created Asset Collection in the Asset Collections window.

  4. Drag your Prefabs and imported 3D models into the Asset Collections window. These will now be added to the Asset Collection.

  5. Click build and select the desired target location on your disk. Your Asset Collection .zip file will now be built.

  6. Once built, move the .zip file onto the headset by plugging it into the computer (on macOS use Android File Transfer) and putting the zip file into the data/com.ShapeReality.Cuboid/Assets folder.


You can also select multiple Asset Collections at the same time by holding shift or command. Now you can bulk export you Asset Collections


If your object shows up with pink (missing) shaders, please contact us at

Quickly converting an entire folder of assets

Select a folder containing the imported 3D models and Prefabs, right click and select Cuboid > Convert to Asset Collection.

A new Asset Collection will be created containing all imported 3D models and Prefabs inside that Folder.


If you have multiple folders selected, it will bulk convert each of these folders into a separate Asset Collection.



Make sure the Unity version matches the Unity version of the application.


The app is built on the URP (Universal Rendering Pipeline) and supports only assets that are built with compatible shaders.